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To the keepers of the post-ride brew,

I herby submit this letter of intent to test the limits of the human body in the company of great friends (fellow bikers) and bitter enemies (rattlers, bears, and hornets) at the 2011 fall tour.
Yours truly,
Adam Fancher

If I may be allowed by the cycling gods above, I intend to part take in one of the most happening/epic riding adventures know to man. I will drag my body over all the climbs and bomb it downhill like a mad screaming banshee coming straight out of the gates of hell. That is just the first day and with the luck of the Irish I will make it all weekend. Let's get it BAAAAALLLSSSSSS OUT!!!!

Brian Molloy

I'm in! Hopefully all four days.


I have been cutting weight and training like an Olympian to possibly win a sprint or a kom this year. Ill only be there for the pro log, Sat and Sun. I apologize in advance if I offend anybody while drinking, for I don't have the tolerance I once had now that I have cut this weight.

Gentry "The Olympian"

I, the Durr-T, if the Gods allow, intend to complete my 10th Fall Tour. If the Gods do not allow, at least give me another scar to match the one I received in 2005 (my tour of epic tragedy). I intend to share times around the fire and down the trails. I intend on helping bring jerseys back to NC and spending time inside the tent. Lastly I intend on turning the entire peloton in the opposite direction as soon as the party pace pounder starts a pounding.


I Jacob Meyer (AKA Jake, the snake, Ba Indala, crazy eyes, smoke, redroadrider, asshole, deer fucker) am hereby committing to four days of kick ass mountain biking known as the Fall Tour.


None shall pass, especially those named "Kelley". Any questions?

Wild Bill


4day reservation in the exclusive ewok village, blue suite.


The barbed-wire encircled 4th weekend of October remains intact on the calendar. I am in for all 4 days and the prologue.

Joe Dunlop

Greetings Fall Tour Committee,

As in year's past, I, of sound mind and less-than-sound legs, do hereby commit to no less than one day of the Fall Tour, most likely two. Whether it be Big Ridge, Ladder-Hog Wild, Keener, or Beech Creek, I know not, but I do know that some distant mountain in N. GA will feel my tread, soak up my sweat, and push me to the brink of endurance and sanity in an attempt to thwart my efforts. But ultimately, despite all the hardship, elation, and exaltation the Fall Tour may bring, the true reward is merely the smile on my face and the tales to tell of an event that no one can understand unless they've seen it firsthand.

Thanks to all those that make the Fall Tour a reality, past, present and future.

Roger Hilten

I just wanted to invite all you guys to the North Georgia mountains this October 21. Ill be having a downhill clinic starting on Rabun Bald and finishing on Saras Creek Road. Ill be going over some common terms you may hear if you start ahead of me, likeOn your left and rider coming through, as well as one of my personal favorites, On your left-RIGHT NOW!. Theres more where that came from, but youll have to meet me in the mountains to get the entire lesson.

Best regards,
Jeff Shirey

It is my intent to pour some liquor out for my homies during the epic Fall Tour 2011. In between, I will make an attempt at all four days, leaving all I got on the trail.

Scott Clegg

Due to the recent shoulder injury I will not be riding as planned though I do intend to show up and support my commrads.

Chad Whitworth

Warning: I have decided to mimic the rigorous training that catapulted me from DFL two years ago to a Top Ten finish in the 10th Annual Fall Tour. Under the tutelage of my PT, I have perfected my bulimia, spent countless hours in the altitude tent, endured ice bathes, injected EPO, experimented with leg compression apparatuses, taken up cross country skiing, and put in countless hours of secret altitude training. I am confident that my training, combined with my plan to indulge in enough beer and tequila to drown the common man while at the Tour, will ensure my success.

Hakunah Matata Bitches!

Ga Drew

I, Zack Morrey, aka "Terminator" aka "Bee Sting" am planning to attend the glorious Fall Tour for the entire duration, including probable prologue and post-ride festivities.


Zack aka Terminator aka Bee Sting

Ding Ding... the bell is ringing and the bout is for 4 rounds. I have the "eye of the Tiger" and will survive to fight for DFL honors! Thanks for the opportunity.

Howie D

I Lush hereby commit myself to one day of racing, that being the prologue. After last year's debacle, I can only commit to being able to get down the track in one piece, leaving under my own power, and actually having a time registered on paper. As of right now, my time is still going from last year's prologue, so undoubtedly, when I finish, I will have a new personal best.


I Hunter Garrison, intend to ride the Fall Tour, Wed, Sat, and Sun. Roadie ruckus will be brought.


Jeremy Edge, John Fennell, Gary Maltby. Bringing it back toW NC!

Edge, Fennel and Gary

Mountain masters, I'll be there! What ensues will likely be a tragic comedy. CHEERS BYATCH'S!!!!!!!


I am stepping up to attempt all four days and Prologue... that is, if I can find my way back to center of the universe each day.
Looking forward to some good times and some damn fine riding!!!

Dwayne "D-money" Allen

For those who don't know...I am really fast! I'm in...


I, Ted Gayle, hope to represent the northern most southern state of VA, and all my Central VA MTB homies, at my first Fall Tour. I've carved 2 days out of the regimen to travel southward and be humbled by the Tour Committee, a few old friends and some new ones on thoust sacred stomping grounds. I'm fully prepared for my lashings, so it's time to rally in Persimmon Valley!


I am letting go of the past and looking in to the future of freedom within, and on the bike,and in the town of A, Freedom that will take all that intend to dare, way farther and higher freedom than has ever exsited before! I will recive a jersey for this freedom!


Dear Committee of Thy Hiram Rule-

I here intend to 'bring it' not only to the hometown prologue, but one if not two days of brutalness in the GEORGIA mountains with maybe some help from my tree-unt friends.



I am pleased to announce that Chad Ireys' Visa has been granted for travel outside of the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky to participate in your Grand Fall Tour. Due to the 12th hour signing, He is going to have to miss your prologue, yet we hope you will still accept him into the the field of grand participants. Currently, he is diligently packing all necessary items for the ultimate fall throw down. All the helicopters were booked, so he will be arriving via Matrix early in the morning of Friday 21st of October 2011. Please have that Dicky character keep the fire warm for Chad and his traveling companions.

Thank you,

Bart Withingham
The Commonwealth of Kentuckys Secretary of everything Sport.