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I intend to help speed up the end by riding the Fall Tour.

D Crowe
To the keepers of the Fall Tour,

It is on.

Yours Truly,
Per Dirty's announcement,
I am in for the Fall Tour.

As I have completed 40 years on this here ol' planet, I intend to consume 40 beers over the course of Fall Tour 2012 and actually finish the fucking thing for once.

"I endeavor to own the uphills. The downhills are all yours."

- Fancher
I have heard legends of men conquering great feats on North GA trails also known as the Fall Tour. I too long for damp tents, beer in my bottle cage and burly descents.
I am formally requesting your blessing to be added to the complete agenda this year and partake in the Fall Tour.

I hear there are big booty women in the ATL area. Will there be any of these specimens at the Tour? After all the riding and partying I will require your finest. There are no women of dark complexion in the mountains of WNC.

P.S. I don't like weaves. NATURALS ONLY

Park Baker
Watch out bitches here I come. It might be near the back, but here I come smelling bad and drinking Jack daniels. Fuck you.

Jake Meyer
I shall not provoke, instigate or insinuate, but I will promise to ride hard and have fun. That’s why we do this, right?

Matthew Schneider
Total Domination
I Matt Turbo Gentry plan on racing all 4 days with my twin brother Wes Gentry and my cousin Derick Gentry. Together we plan on total domination of this years Fall Tour. Derick is racing for GC and KOM, Im racing for the Green jersey and Wes is going to bomb the down hills and go for rock star!! Who wants some??? Come and get it!

I am in for the Prologue, and Friday. Unfortunately a selfish bastard friend has planned their own wedding to take place right in the middle of the Tour.

Hunter Garrison
The flash of light knocked me off my feet. I stood up and peered through the haze, hoping to find something, anything. I walked for days without seeing a soul, the impetuous of modern society; broken.
I crested a hill, and could make out the silhouettes from afar. They were armored, staggering, painfully unsure of what fate lay ahead. I approached them, made my intentions known. The silence was broken by a loud crack, as the silhouettes quickly dispersed.
This was it. There will, be a future.

I, HD, will be bombing down and cramping up. Together with my fellow mystics and flask of gobble juice, let's get it ON!!

Howie the D stands for "Danger"
Balls out! That is how the New England Red Devil plans to finally complete the epic journey known as The Fall Tour. I have never been lucky enough to complete all 4 days and I hope to do so this year. Oh yeah beer and more beer.

Brian Molloy
I'll be taking a full pull to the center of the universe ... activities included in this once a year offer roto tunnel surfing... glass sliding... big ridge flyin(solo)no license...beach creek cruzin... and my favorite, hog humping(wildly).

GC embellishing and podium relishing

your "Nasty"
Dracula is in ! Beware at night !

I'm in for all four days and the prologue! My intent is to have fun no matter what ensues! Cheers!

The reigning Fall Tour Sprint Champion will be attending this years Fall Tour Invitational, not to defend his title as fastest man in the Fall Tour but to insert him self back into the world of cycling.

Due to non-cycling related circumstances, I have not been able to stay true to form and will be testing out my newly constucted bionic-ACL on the biggest baddest bike race in the UNIVERSE! If it fails me, I'll be scooting around moto style and be boozing with the SAG.

GA drew
Dear Sirs/Madams of the Esteemed Fall Tour Committee,

I hereby acknowledge my intent to participate in the 2012 Fall Tour for all four days and the prologue - my pulse just went up just thinking about it.

Thanks to all who make this amazing event possible! Viva la tour!

The hills, valleys, peaks, and river courses of North Ga. will again be the best place to be in the moment on Oct 26-29. I feel lucky to be able to spend 4 precious days of this life, with all the personalities that also choose to be at the Fall Tour. I intend to test out my new swiss hardware, and am grateful for the chance to compete, suffer, and celebrate.

The DH jersey is mine. Come one, come all, but you better be there the whole tour if you plan on taking it from me! WNC is bringing it back this year.

Not sure about much, except ...
I will be there riding on Friday ....
I won't be there on Monday.

Ahh yea, the fall tour vibrations are settin in!!!!!!!

Sean Michael Quinn turns pedal over pedal for whom ever will lead. But he will let you follow thee lead.

Sean Michael Quinn
2012 An Awakening

I'm in Gents! If you'll have me!!!

Mike Stanley

Fall Tour thyme quickly approaches as a good buzz brews, awaiting to be unleashed wednesday 10-24-12 and will vibrate steady till Monday 10-29-12. By far the most balanced, and fierce day and night dirty stage race in the universe!! Drink up ponies, eat yer wheaties, and keep all the levels topped off! It’s goin down, so yea, I’ll be there to lay it down. Kelly has the trails buffed, so let’s go ride and party!!!

After breaking off the end of my clavicle this summer... it shattered my training dreams of winning the Fall Tour of 2012. However, I am looking forward to drinking lots of beer and consuming lots of great food & confections. You will find me chill'in in the rear and sweeping the trails, making sure no one gets left behind. I am in for all 4 days and just looking to finish the drill and yall betta look out in 2013! LOL!

Dwayne Allen (D-money)
I Gary Maltballs of Fire intend to show up Friday night, drink all your beers and eat all your food. Followed by a domination of Saturday's stage (as long as it's less than 4 miles, sometimes my legs hurt if I pedal too far). Sunday should prove to be of a similar situation which ends with me victorious while a bunch of sissy's cry in the background. Then I will bid you all a fond farewell so someone else might have a chance to win Monday.
Dear fall tour, I intend to rally down some hills on some bicycles.

- jon angermeier
Fall Tour would be a good time to clear the stress of a year gone by on trails in the glamour of fall colors. A good time to breathe deep, and hold... and cough it all out now that i am enriched in vitamins T, H, and C! I'll be the safety sweep!

Ben Kahn WNC.