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I do formally intend to be present at the 2014 Fall Tour. To support the idea that has continued to grow these 14 years. Ecstatic to spend 4 days of dreamlike bliss in the presence of a Grand Tour. Legends will be made, dreams broken, and post tour depression likely will set in.

Everything changes, everything is connected, Pay attention !


Athens Best Cycling Degenerates Expected For Gnarly Humble Intense Journey. Know Lively Meditation Now On Pinnacle Quest. Ride Sublime Trails Unknown Vertical Wild Xcept Y'all'Z.

See ya there, Don

I would formally submit a letter of intent to participate in the 2014 Fall Tour. I plan to arrive on Thursday night and stay through Monday night or Tuesday morning depending on how early we are done on Monday.

Matthew Ballard

One Forsberg down for a full pull Funk Train aka Fall Tour 2014!


My 100% not giving a shit beats your 100% faster over 4 days.


with great angst asserts
a SLACKER to carouse
for two days he vows


Don't think I'll make all four days, but Saturday and Sunday for sure! VIVA!

Alex H

I, Natty Dunn, intend to take a full pull of 2014's rowdy and raw Fall Tour. The only Grand Tour that matters brah!

Nasty Nat Dunn

I hereby declare that I intend to ride all 4 days of the Fall Tour 2014!

Seth 'Stiffy' Younger

After a 4 year hiatus from thus said "Tour" (much of it spent off the bike), I, Reverend Horton Heat, hereby commit to the whole enchilada in true rockabilly style.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my GC contention.


Committee says time to rally in Persimmon Valley so put me down for full pull. Viva!

Ted Shred

Esteemed Tour Committee,
I hereby proclaim my intent to partake of the most secretive, extreme, and bacchanalian event in mountain biking - the epic Fall Tour, v.14. Though I'll only be physically present for 3 of the 4 gruelling stages, I will be there in spirit for the fourth (Saturday's stage) cheering you on.
See you soon at the Center of the Universe.


Gotta redeem myself on big ridge after 2012's otb shoulder separation fiasco. Then maybe a 2nd day, then maybe go home crying and drunk! Who knows! It's daTour!


In defiance of local health codes, I sacrificed my finest goats and finally the gods aligned the stars in my favor. The mercy of the stars' gravitational pull has lifted me from the doldrums of my recent submission to working a full time job. That's right, it's GC for me and shooting for the bull goose loony.


At the invite of my good buddy, JP, I do intend to travel from my home in Northern California for a full Tour of the Georgia mountains.


My 2 month-old addition to the Future FallTour Riders limits my intentions to Saturday and Sunday for this year.


Ah yes, The Fall Tour.
I'll be there all four days, and maybe all four nights.

Jeff Shirey

Can't wait to baby snake in the dirty south and make Daddy Carp proud.

Lizzy Clawprong

Despite any rumors floating around about O-town down, I made it through the wolf/bear attack and back upright on the bike. Tighten up ponies, I’ll be there at the prologue and all four days of the last Grand Tour of the year, THEFALL TOUR, Geah.


I don't know the days. I don't know what my condition will be. I don't know how a fly lands on the ceiling.

I do know 2 things though. I know I'll be there. I know it'll rock.

Howie "danger"


"New to Georgia, not new to riding the trails of the blue ridge, I've got the eye of the TOURger. Still trying to shake some scheduling conflicts and hoping for the full pull.

Jim S"

I'm in for 4 days of single speed stupidity


I'm in for Friday and Saturday only. Taking what I can get!

- Joe

I would like to submit a letter of intent to participate in the 2014 Fall Tour. I plan to do all four days.

Scott Lee

I intend to be there, live it, and love it.

- Jenni

Fall Tour Virgin
Grand Tour Championne
Lady Shredder
Lazy like a southern river

Details are murky, but somehow I'm getting down there, not sure exactly if I'll make it for Thursday, but the rest, yes.


Consider yourself warned....


ga drew

I Joseph Matthew Gentry hope to ride all 4 days of the fall tour.


Keep it narrow BRAH. DF is on the way!


In! Not sure how many days, but at least the weekend. I shall drink and ride bikes hung over!

Tom Hoppe

Come to reunite the dirty south and take on the deep south. So there can be peace and love through out the Galaxy, I don't care if Princess Leia is my sister it's the south!


Heading down to the dirty south for a FULL SLUM participation of the great southern Grand Tour. Can't wait to relax for four sweet days bliss. Slumcations are the only vacations.

Sean The Mighty Quinn
Giro d'Ville sub committee
"Giro d'Ville, living the dream 365"

I am down with the madness and let those with DFL intentions come see me.



Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

Beer is good.
Bikes are neat.

I intend to have no fun participating in either of these.


Riding all 4 days of the GRAND Fall Tour!


Is my intent to participate in days 1, 2 and 3 of this year's Fall Tour.

So happy to make an appearance after a 4 year absence and hope I have the stamina to make it until Sunday evening.

I may not bring the pain, but I will be bringing hot sauce, hot peppers, garlic and sweet potatoes from the garden for all to feast upon.

Farmer "G"

To the esteemed Fall Tour Committee,

I give my son, Hayden Lanzilotta (now 17 and a senior in high school), permission to kick the living crap out of all tour participants. From the top of glassy to the top of Rabun for all four days.

Please note, I will be filling in for him on Saturday as he has to take the SAT and ACT exams.

Yes, I am requesting that we share a single entry as I have an important work deadline (wish the tour was in November like it use to be) and Hayden wants to ride.

Please approve my request, least we can't participate at all... :- (


Eric and I both intend on living the dream at all four days of the tour! Not sure Eric's intentions, but mine are to keep moving forward and rubber side down!

Can't wait to see you guys!

Maria (and Eric)

Im in for 2, possibly 3 days.

Matt B

I've heard that there is a good time happening this weekend in the Dirty. Boss said I could have off to ride. So I'll be bringing some supplies for the doping tent. And I will have some of Oliver's stuff from Tim. I have money for event and if I need to contact someone else to get a spot I'm happy to do that.


Hi, my name is Brian! I am from Kentucky and live in southern Indiana.

Just found out about this event from Bruce Dickman, he said I need to come down and show you Georgia folks how to ride a mountain bike.

Brian Blackwell

I am tentative on friday but I plan to ride saturday and sunday for sure.


the plan is for Sunday

Sherri "Tumbler" Thompson

Letter of Intent 2014:

Colligate Nats at Beech Mountain is trying to take the weekend but post XC race Saturday, I will be ready to VIVA LA TOUR Sunday and Monday!!

Emily :)