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To whom it may concern:
The purpose of this letter is formally state my intent of drinking beer, riding bicycles, crashing bicycles, and causing general debauchery with those good folks I've gotten to know over the past few months. See ya'll Friday afternoon for the weekend.

Ladies and Gents, Thugs and whatnots, Haters and Gamers, Players and Playets get ready for the greatest mutha fucking show on earth.....THE FALL TOUR! As of this moment, I am not of sound mind nor sound body thanks to by buddy GIN who has since fallen along with Mr. PBR and Mrs. Yuengling. But happy as hell to spend the next 5 or 6 days with each and every MFing one of ya. Viva le Tour!

ga drew
I intend to send Dr Sprockets to fill in for me at the prologue. I will be there sat ngt and sun to keep the folks in need of any possible repairs rolling.

Dr Sprockets
I heard you guys liked to drink beer, ride bikes, and do weird stuff. So i figured i would see what this fall tour thing is all about! Will be joining the festivities Saturday and Sunday! Bringing tools and a few spare parts. I will gladly let whatever sunshine knowledge i have shine upon anyone that needs their bike wrenched on. Can't wait to hang and ride with you fellas.

Matty Ross
Dear hooligans

I can’t wait to ride bikes and shoot the shit you awesome people! 5415!

I Ben Hobbs am a virgin to the fall tour and insist that my cherry be popped only in the most proper of fashion. I will be in for the full pull, 5 days of shredtastic gnarness. I am a man of the descent and shall flow like the ancient rivers on Babylon throughout this great endeavor. Corners will be schralped, rock gnar shall be buttered, and mountains shall be conquered. If you want a climber, Im not your man. If you two sideburns of whiptastic shred fest, Ill be there. Stoked to get up a rip it with all you fellas!!!!!


Ben Hobbs
I will only be able to attend the awesomeness of the fall tour on Thursday, but intend to make it an epic one!

Todd M
miles disappearing
with the wavering cadence
of one cog one ring

I was on a ride the other day and ran over a big pile of bear Pooh and some of it came up and hit me in the lip. I thought that's pretty cool. Then I thought again, dang that bear shit just went in my mouth. that's pretty gross. I will be in the Georgia Hills Friday Sunday and Monday.

In for another mini - Saturday/Sunday. Binge and Purge.

joe d
I am a fall tour virgin, but come from the land of il Giro d' Ville. Excited for a little pedaling and a little debauchery. The Man will only allow me to be present for the prologue and stage 1. But next year, I promise I will quit if it interferes with the fall tour again.

Executive Foof board member
gimme gimme gimme those dirty descents that good eatin them southern boys and the chance to watch slaywood grind that big ole gear up some UP... and maybe a sprint point or maybe be a baby snake to stank up that women's leader jersey for a few days - or will Odogg and I fuck it up again? who knows what magic the south can bring, bc it must have some (what is the ridge?)

see you all thursday morning - we Appalachia gals like to sneak in during the night.

let's roach and poach some GA trail.

My institution of lower education has freed me from my shackles for the weekend, so I plan to heed the advice of the esteemed philosopher Christopher Cross and "ride like the wind" (until I can't).


I'm not exactly sure what I'm getting myself into but I'll be there from Thurs to Mon trying to keep rubber side down.

Will M.
FarmerG has requested the required time off from the corporate gods to participate in the full pull.

FarmerG has requested the required time off from the corporate gods to participate in the full pull.

FarmerG has requested the required time off from the corporate gods to participate in the full pull.

Whether he survives or not is yet to be seen but myself, my sweet potatoes, parsnips, garlic, hot sauce and fresh peppers will be there on Thursday morning ready to start the madness and see what plays out.


farmer G
I do hereby intend to enjoy the bliss of north georgia on Saturday and Sunday of the 15th annual fall tour!! And maybe Friday if I'm lucky. Can't wait.

JimCat Stevens
Dear Fall Tour Gods,

I, Jake Meyer, wish to attend the all mighty race in the north Georgia mountains known to all that matter as the Fall Tour. I will ride my fancy pedal bike up and down mountains as fast as I am able during the day. I will partake in copious amounts of food, beverage and drink during the night, only to do it all again the next day. I may or may not wake up the Ewoks with my late night shenanigans. I will definitely wake up Nasty Nat Dunn with my late night shenanigans.



It is my intent to shred a few days of the most epic of epic events.
Consider yourself warned.

Wild Bill
Trout tacos,wild hog bbq,persimmon&blueberry biscuits.

Worms, butt to butt, synchronicity ,Dirty trail, Dirty South,
Canfield, Thirsty, A-town, and maybe more to come. No time for
trail work or bear hunters, got fish to fry. Besides, folks out here
clear their trails so much they don't even know how to cross a log.

Oregon drew aka Spew
I intend to be in the north Georgia hills Saturday and Sunday.

To all ye faithful,
I HD of sound mind,
and body (figuratively, of course),
do swear to pour it on,
beat it down,
get jiggy with it,
for neh but a day,
one gloriousness of furiousness,
to revel in the facets,
of the Jewel of THE tour!!

P.S. That one day will be Sunday no matter what may come. VIVA!!

Howie Danger
I'm coming back to represent for Chapel Hill.
Second start, hoping for my first finish. I'm bringing more travel.
Mostly looking for fun, but I have been practicing my 15-20 min sprints at the local cx races.
Alex H - Chapel Hill

Esteemed ladies n gents. I plan to pedal hard on the hillsides for the prologue and all 5 stages of the Vuelta a Georgia, aka the fall tour. VIva!

Esteemed Fall Tour Committee,

I hereby commit to haul my ass up to the Center of the Universe for yet another Grand Tour of Excess. I expect nothing less than brutal upward suffering, epic downward gnar, and completely sideways bacchanalia.

Although I cannot commit fully to a full work-week of mountain bliss, I can say that I hear the call and will answer in kind. For four days, I will immerse myself in this celebration of bikes and life, days filled with moments that at times will seem unending but in the end will pass in the a blink of an eye like so many leaves of fall.

The Fall Tour is here, and we will live it. Viva!

Roger Hilten
Life Enthusiast

Stephen Graham here, needing to send the message I will be participating in the full pull general classification for all 4 days with a possibility of joining in on the prologue. Yes a t-shirt would be appreciated and yes I will be representing thc, the HIGH country of nc.

See you there.



And scratch that, I will be there for the full FIVE day pull. Prologue is a maybe. Just a heads up.

-Stephen It goes without saying that more cowbell is always a good thing. And just like that cowbell, more Fall Tour is always a good thing. 5 days of splendor, 5 days of living the dream. More hills, more rocks, more trails! We need more Cowbell!!!!


There will be a Winter-Shirey in attendance at each stage of the Fall Tour.
Letter of Intent

"Batt Mallard shall return for this glorious event of knar, pain, joyous single track.

Viva the Tour"

Batt Mallard
I intend to commune with my brothers and sisters in the dirty south for a full pull of the “LTD” 5 for 15, Fall Tour.
I also pledge to battle f***ing hard for GC, stay up late but not to crazy, and make history in an event steeped with legendary riders going back 15 years.

Let the good vibes permeate from our center of the universe.

Viva la Tour !

Still hungry for more … Peloton floats along valley gravel beside cascading brook … soft fat rubber grips slick root weave beneath bare hardwoods … grind up impossibly steep gritty clay eroded as strange natural sculpture … twist through rhododendron tunnels to reach rocky overlook gathering … full brake slide down ancient logskid-track around boulders, drops and holes … undulations effortlessly unweight to skim across rough ground in a tight single-track train … too much is never enough.

Count me in and my brother as well....Looking like we will be doing Friday, Sat, and Sunday.

Ruben +1
The mountain biking gods have spoken! Tour acolyte is my sentence for FT15. Sag wagon, timing, cooking, cleaning up after you slobs. Whatever I can do to enrich your fucking 15th anniversary celebration. VIVA!!!

a forsberg
I hereby plan to be present and ready for days 2, 3, and 4 of Le Tour. Viva 15!

After landing and spending time with you beautiful freedom loving Americans, and hearing about it from all the peeps greeting me here. I have decided, I have to partake in your miraculous Fall Tour! My English is improving and I'd love to tell you all the secrets of the Vatican around the campfire. Maybe a little water to wine is in order.

The Pope
Sent from an iPhone of the Holy See inside a Fiat

To the Committee:

Count me in for a full pull. When I heard there would be 5 stages this year I knew something crazy was brewing in the Dirty South. Now after hearing rumors of a once forgotten trail making a possibly return to the Tour I knew I had to be there to witness the insanity of such an attempt. Unlike in 2003, I'm bringing a light for the long, cold, and dark ride back to camp.

Much Respect,

Nuevo Méxic

I,Dickey intend to attend the 2015 living the dream tour

Esteemed Southern Gents,

Don't call it a comeback...more like I'll have nuthern! I don't care if I defend my women's leaders jersey(especially against raging Lizzy Clawprong or any southern belles) but I do want to do that frickin awesome trail that goes straight down the mountain in an unsustainable lightning fast fashion. And those steep climbs that require tip to hole...so good. Save me a platform in the EWOK village surf camp.

HaySue Haywoodja?