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Saturday and Sunday are going to be my glory days, gotta earn the beer..

To all concerned (this should be everyone),

After a seven year hiatus, which included, jail time, rehab, broken bones, broken dreams, and an exodus to the great white north. I here by proclaim my intent for the full pull, at the 17th edition of the greatest event on the planet, The Fall Tour.

I hope all of this excessive doping is going to pay off.


Barring any last minute covfefe's I intend to make the full pull!

Viva Bitches

To Whom It May Concern,

Prologue is good to go... I'll see y'all Friday night... Saturday is looking pretty good... If Sat is good, Sat night is a no brainer... Sunday Funday is iffy buy a quasi possibility... Viva!

After two miserable years unrideable I announce my return! Friday night stump champion, Saturday staying classy on Glassy. Can't wait!

For all who care to read this...
On this hallowed eve,
and before embarking on a 4 day adventure,
I sit here on my couch and contemplate...


The Fame? Yes.
The Glory? Yes.
The Party? Yes.
The Shirt? Of course.

But it's more. It's for all you slummers that sit around and read Letters of Intent on a shitty website about going out and riding bikes for 4 days and loving it to your core!


ga drew
4 Days of Fall Tour on the schedule for D. Hangin BIRDS all the way!! 17 !!

Matt Brown is down (except Sunday 'cause NICA)

Matt Brown
[day tripper] on Saturday for Fall Tour action.

Be there for Friday's party, peace!

Todd Miller
I plan on participating in a full pull.

Hey man. I'm planning to be there for the prolog and Friday night and do the Saturday ride. Possible leaving Saturday night of Sunday am. Cheers!

Alex H
I Matt Turbo Gentry plan on riding Friday Saturday and Sunday in the fall tour. My wrists are broken, my brain is still dizzy from a concussion, my hips are shot out from working in a wood mill conveyor and my heart has been melted by my daughter lileigh but I'll do my best to keep up.

Matt Turbo Gentry

Dear Committee,

We all do it for the shirt, right? I will be racing my heart out non-gc this year. Especially looking forward to the prestigious prologue.

Be there for Friday's party, peace,

Todd Miller
I plan on participating in a full pull.

I intend to party 3 nights and hopefully make it through 2 days with the best MTB crew around!

Full pull for the "Hurricane Scrambler Tour 2017 !" Outta shape(NBD) Fully stoked and good to go! ViVa!!

Nat Dunn
Shawn Doonan here, will be there Friday-Sunday.

Shawn Doonan
I hereby declare my letter of intent: please pop my TheFallTour cherry.

Yours Truly,

I intend to be there for four days.


- Joe
I, Jake Meyer, hereby make my intent known to the glorious Fall Tour Committee that I plan to show up and ride the last and only last day of the tour this year, 2017.

P.s. I will be there Tuesday also to help clean and ride some sweet buff single

Mr. Jake Meyer
The Sewage Binge was the binge that broke the Explosif’s back. Luckily, the MTB gods (aka Roger) graced me with a steed worthy of a full pull. I think a joint ceremonial burning of Dookie and the Explosif are in order! VIVA!!!

We are in!

From Clemson with love,

Mr. and Mrs. Clem

I intend to attend the first stage at the least and limp up to the ridge for a little slice of heaven and beautiful faces.

See ya there!
To the Committee, I Proclaim:

I shall in my limited capacity endeavor to experience the grandeur and suffering of the world renowned Fall Tour in this year of 2017. I vow to bring the fire to the mountains of the Tour, if not in the fieriness of my own competitive ardor, then certainly in the towering inferno my hard won firewood mountain will yield under the starry gaze of clear, dark night.

It is Tour time, and I am ready... and also a size small.

To be the man, you have to beat the man!! Chuck Anthony is the reigning DFL champion and I see you...which means I'm last. Eat, Drink, Ride Bikes!!!!

Count me on for the four day fool pull. VIVA!

Slummers, tour-ers, and fellow friends alike,

If Fall is the season, consider me Falling off the deep end of good choices and requesting indulgence. I intend on smashing pedals and cans of Lacroix. Stupid attacks on the GC will happen. Count me in, if I may.

Nick Bragg
I'm in!

Scott "Fake News" Rusinko
In the interest of his sanity, FarmerG hopes to participate in the full pull for FT 2017.

Competitive goal is DFL.

I hope payment in kind will again be sufficient this year.


Farmer G
Hope to make a Sunday appearance to experience the marvelous ass pounding that is the queen stage. With extra lube.