Tour eve - updates because you may not have em yet

Posted by Committee on October 21, 2020  • 
DAY 1: Athens (Camping in Athens)Going out for food on Friday to celebrate the 20th Fall Tour
DAY 2: WMA (Camping at Heavywood in Clayton) Fend for yourself on Friday when it comes to food
DAY 3: Big Ridge (Camping at Surf Camp)Will have breakfast and pizza for dinner at heavywood then enchiladas at camp
DAY 4: Tallulah (Camping at Surf Camp)Breakfast will be servered as usual tour breakfasts and dinner will be pasta
DAY 5: Glassy Tour breakfast

Dirty Deets

Posted by Committee on October 20, 2020  • 
All 2020 Fall Tour with Intentions.... Either go to the bank and get $175 in cash out if you are a GC or $40 a day for you poachers. You can pay Nat since our fearless leader is on a D-tour or wait for it... use PayPal (link below). When you have found Nasty Natt Dunn, sign the waiver and pick up your shirt and a special swag item. You can expect a ton of booze, 5 days worth of sag delights, some very covid friendly breakfasts and dinners.

During this crazy A time - feel free to bring your own food and do what you feel you need to in order to stay safe.

Full Pull = $175
Poachers = $40 per day
Sweatshirts are an additional $25 if you ordered one

ATHENS START - Dirt 10 will play host Day 1 of the 2020 Fall Tour

Posted by Committee on October 20, 2020  •  There is a house available at the starting point in Athens. The address is:

930 Boulevard Athens, GA 30601, next to the White Tiger restaurant. There are showers, bathrooms and a refrigerator, as well as a washer and dryer if you want to do a load of your riding clothes after the ride. I will have detergent available.
br> If you are so inclined or if you arrive to Athens on Wednesday and want to stay in the house, feel free. I think in the interest of COVID safety, we should not share bedrooms, but that's up to you guys. There should be room for distanced sleeping for about 6-8 folks.

The party and official start will be at the dead end of New Avenue. Go in at the dead end in front of: 280 New Avenue Athens,GA 30601. (do not go up to this house! They have nothing to do with the tour) also, do not park in front of their house. If you aren't camping, then park in the neighborhood close to the start and ride in.

We hope to start around 10:30. The ride should take about 6ish hours total.

There is enough parking for about 12 cars in there, other parking is available at the 930 Boulevard house which is about a 3 minute walk to the camping and party area. Just past this house on Boulevard is another parking area in a wooded area, pull in through the gate and find a spot, the trail to the start and camping area will be marked. If you park at the house, you can walk through the woods on the front left corner of the house to the camping area. There will be signs showing you the way.

After the ride, there are several restaurants within a 4 minute bike ride. In particular, there is a good Mexican restaurant with Margaritas. Agua Linda. We will have some snacks and Raw oysters available for snacking during the campfire. Pumped to be stoked! Viva!

PSA - Public Service Annoucement

Posted by FT Health Committee led by 4sberg on Oct 9th
COVID IS REAL!!! Although the election is still a month away and COVID-19 will be along at until then (at least), the Fall Tour Health Committee led by 4sberg is asking that you wear masks as much as possible and to respect your fellow riders. Also, when determining if you are going to be at this year's Tour, please ask yourself the following questions...

1. Have you come into close contact (within 6 feet) with someone who has a confirmed COVID – 19 diagnosis in the past 21 days?
2. Do you have any of the following: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat?
3. Do you have a problem with social distancing and being respectful to your fellow riders personal space?

If you can answer NO to all of these questions, you are welcome to attend the 20th Fall Tour Invitiational.

5 Day Logistical Information

Posted by Committee on Sept 28  • 
DAY 1: Athens (Camping in Athens)
DAY 2: WMA (Camping at Heavywood in Clayton)
DAY 3: Big Ridge (Camping at Surf Camp)
DAY 4: Tallulah (Camping at Surf Camp)
DAY 5: Glassy

Deets from the weekend

Posted by Committee on Sept 28  • 
Ladder is absolutely ripping! Neal is going to do a bit more dialing.
Wild Hog DH is clear thanks to the help of Gary and his girly friend.
Broad River Trail is 3/4 clear. Still needs about a half day of work with a weed eater and saw or brusher. All logs and snarls have been cleared.