***Prologue Update***

Posted by Committee on Oct 17th, 2018  •  The Fall Tour prologue time trial is going down this Saturday, with timing starting at 2:00. The trail is one mile and we might see someone break 6 minutes on a lap. If you show-up after dark, no worries, just bring yo lights! Park in the neighborhood and walk or ride your bike to the dead end of New ave. right in front of 280 New ave. go into the woods, it will be obvious. There will be food -(Hamburgers, fresh oysters, fresh-cut sirloin steaks and other assorted accompaniments, as well as vegetarian options, big thanks to Mike Bradshaw!) There will be beer (Thanks Terrapin! and Southern Brewing Company!)There will be fire, and cowbells and God only knows what else. There should be several spectators, and families are welcome! If anyone can help with timing or cooking, please let me know, I could use some volunteers. Viva!

Operation "Bite and Chew"

Posted by Committee on Oct 17, 2018  • 

Operation "bite and chew" was a success. Two special forces operatives made it up to the top of the Ridge that's big, really really big. Double brusher action and hand saws were put to the test. Ran the dualing brushers until the fuel reserves ran out late in the afternon. Air support failed to make a fuel drop so we resorted to hand tools and finally just hands. Ripping back the years worth of new growth which threaten our way of trail riding. Sunset on top of the Bald and no flash lights we knew we needed to get down the mountain asap. Picking up equipment on the trot and keeping one eye to the magnificent sunset off to our right we made our way out in record time. 1hr 30min. Full canopy left no light from the crescent moon to guide our way. Special op " the Snake" pulled out his satallite phone and guided us in to the LZ safley.

It will take weeks of recuperation for these heroes to recover from the efforts of the day.

So when you rip down that Big Ridge, scream VIVA all the way!

***Prologue Update***

Posted by Committee on Sept 28th, 2018  • 

The Fall Tour Prologue Time Trial will be Saturday, October 20 in Athens at the same venue as last year, the trail off Boulevard. The trail is getting a significant addition and should be about a six-minute lap. There will be food and beverage provided. We are planning a 2:00 start time, but more details will be provided as we approach the day.